Crafting Engaging Content

Discover techniques and tools for creating engaging content that resonates with your audience..

In a digital world full of endless noise and distractions, creating content that genuinely engages your audience is essential for any brand. But crafting compelling blog posts and social media updates that people consume, enjoy, and share is easier said than done.

In this guide, we’ll cover the elements of engaging content, actionable and practical techniques for bringing posts to life, content creation tools and editing tips, metrics for analyzing engagement, and real brand examples with creative content that connects. Follow these best practices to start producing the type of content that resonates.

The Growing Need for Engagement

Some statistics that highlight why engagement matters:

👉 80% of content goes uncrawled and unseen by search engines due to lack of links and social shares.

👉 Posts with above average engagement achieve about 650% higher organic search traffic on average.

👉 Articles with high dwell time improve site-wide average time on page and lower bounce rates.

👉 Higher social media engagement improves content distribution in feeds due to algorithms.

👉 Businesses that blog have 97% more links to their site, which influences SEO rankings.

With engagement down across most online media, creating content that rises above takes creativity and audience-focused strategies. Let’s unpack proven tactics.

✅ Crafting Compelling Content

While no “formula” guarantees engaging content, these techniques set the stage for success:

✅ Understand Your Audience

Leverage analytics, surveys, interviews and support conversations to intimately craft buyer personas. Tailor content specifically for their preferences.

✅ Hook Readers Instantly

Opening with a startling fact, question, story, or other hook draws readers in immediately and establishes the content as worth their time from the outset.

✅ Structure for Scannability

From descriptive headers to bullet point lists, bold text, ample images, and generous white space, format posts to facilitate quick scanning.

✅ Show, Don’t Just Tell

Vivid examples, case studies, analogies, and demonstrations bring concepts to life rather than simply explaining them instruction-manual style.

✅ Converse Don’t Lecture

Write in a conversational tone using “you” rather than preaching in a formal tone using words like “one must.” This friendly approach is more engaging.

✅ Infuse Personality

Let your brand’s unique voice and quirks shine through. A little humor, empathy, self-deprecation, passion, or inspiration goes a long way.

✅ Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Peppering content with open-ended questions the reader can ponder makes posts more interactive.

✅ Surprise with Unexpected Angles

Steer clear of tropes and attack topics from angles nobody thinks of. Provide uncommon insights.

✅ Add Multimedia

Images, charts, videos, GIFs, and other media catering to visual learners breaks up text and keeps people engaged.

✅ Simplify Complex Topics

Take dense subject matter and turn it digestible using metaphors, analogies, examples, etc. so it’s engaging rather than overwhelming.

✅ Sprinkle Shareable Quotes

Pull out tweetable nuggets of wisdom using the blockquote feature. These get shared on social media and forums.

✅ Crosslink Relevant Content

Recommendation sections linking to related posts keep readers embedded in your content universe versus leaving site.

✅ Monitor Comments

Asking questions and responding to reader comments personalizes content and satisfies curiosity.

✅ Challenge Assumptions

Don’t shy away from playing devil’s advocate on convention. Thoughtful contrarian angles prompt contemplation.

✅ Make it Actionable

Provide clear takeaways, next steps, or calls-to-action so readers gain tangible value for time spent reading.

While high quality writing is key, don’t underestimate the importance of editing. Refining drafts maximizes impact.

Content Creation and Editing Tools

Technology can help craft stellar posts:

Grammarly - Catches writing errors and helps finesse clarity and concision.

Hemingway App - Assesses readability and highlights dense, complex sentences.

Google Analytics - Reveals insights on readership to directly inform content.

BuzzSumo - Uncover trending topics and engaging content performing well.

Yoast SEO - Bolster SEO while identifying overused keywords to boost originality.

Canva - Create engaging custom graphics and images to insert.

Buffer - Schedule and publish social media content alongside blog posts.

Unsplash - Source free, beautiful photos to enrich posts. - Automatically transcribe interviews and podcasts into text.

After writing, step away and revisit the piece with fresh eyes before publishing. Tweak anything that disrupts flow or causes confusion. Now let’s examine metrics for gauging engagement.

Measuring Content Engagement

Leverage these metrics and data sources to determine what content resonates most:

✅ Pageviews and Unique Pageviews - Higher means broader reach and interest.

✅ Time on Page - Longer averages indicate riveting content.

✅ Scroll Depth - The percentage scrolled down the page shows if people are reading.

✅ Bounce Rate - Lower bounce rates signal readers found the content worthwhile.

✅ Social media shares/comments - Frequently shared or discussed content is engaging.

✅ Backlinks - More sites linking to a post implies value.

✅ Saved/Repinned - When readers bookmark or pin content for later, it offers utility.

✅ Email opens/clicks - For content promoted via email, these metrics reveal engagement.

✅ Comments - Direct reader feedback and number of replies shows interest.

✅ Search Traffic - Posts ranking well for keywords clearly provide utility.

Referencing comparative engagement rates helps guide future content formats and topics. Finally, let’s look at real brand examples.

Engaging Content Case Studies

Analyzing competitors who create content that captivates is invaluable:

Buffer’s help center publishes posts that quickly get to the point, use concise scannable formatting, helpful images/gifs, and conversational tips. Their focused usefulness keeps readers raptly engaged.

Backlinko packs posts with dramatic statistics, lively humor, pop culture analogies, and killing-it-in-business motivational angles that pull readers in and hold attention.

Neil Patel dissects complex SEO concepts through highly visual and practical explainers spiked with personality. His casual tone fosters deep engagement.

CXL constantly tests innovative content formats like online courses, assessments, and original research that all deliver immense value and interactivity.

Take inspiration from brands producing content that cuts through the noise. Analyze why their approaches captivate and resonate so powerfully.

Craft Content That Connects

Today’s bar for quality content and audience engagement is extremely high. But brands willing to experiment with fresh formats, provide true utility, optimize writing, and leverage data insights can still thrive.

While connecting with readers requires work, the brand affinity and financial return generated makes it well worthwhile. Use the strategies and tools covered to start better engaging your audience.

At its core, great content informs, inspires, entertains or helps. Keep these goals and your readers at the forefront as you create content and engagement will follow.

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